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2,000 Water Purification Tablets

Many children around the world still lack access to clean water, often having to drink water contaminated with harmful bacteria that can make them ill. This Christmas, you can make a difference by gifting 2,000 Aquatab water purification tablets to children in need. Just 11 tablets provide a month's clean water for a child, and 2,000 tablets can supply up to 10,000 litres.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gift of Hope is a collection of charity gifts essential for child survival and development. They provide crucial aid to children living in areas affected by poverty, conflict or natural disaster. When you order a Gift of Hope for family or friends, real supplies like vaccines and food are shipped from UNICEF’s warehouse in Copenhagen to children and families in need around the world.

With each purchase you can personalise a Digital Card for your nominated recipient that tells them about the incredible impact their gift will have. 

Yes, they are. All of the Gifts of Hope products you see on our website are real, tangible items being distributed year-round in response to the needs of children around the world.

Gift of Hope products respond to the real and changing needs of children around the world, so the item you select will be substituted for another item when there is a greater need for it. This means we cannot guarantee that the gift you select is the one that will be delivered to the field. We hope that through your purchase you are trusting us to deliver the supplies that will have the most impact for children in urgent need.